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Private Sailing charters leaving Destin harbor. Book online or Call today (850) 699-7454 FOR RESERVATIONS - SPREAD SAILING LOVE #SAILDESTIN

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Take a break from the beach for the day and explore the ocean onboard the Red Wing. Each trip is private and tailored specifically to your family or group. Perfect for proposals, anniversaries, family reunions or for a quick getaway. Choose one of four sailing options aboard the most beautiful schooner in the harbor. 

The Red Wing is an all wooden forty foot sharpie schooner that was built in Sugar Loaf Key, Florida. She is one of ten replica schooners built by Alan Miller. The people of Key West used this type of vessel to deliver mail or terrapins to the islands before engines were created. She has been restored over the past five years by Captain Shane Sekul. When you sail her on the emerald green water it is like going back in time before engines and bridges. 




(850) 699-7454


9 am - 10 pm

Pick Up Location


Smoke on the Water
302 Harbor Blvd
Destin, FL. 32540






Perfect Ending to our 25 Anniversary!!
— Rodney D.


Call (850) 699–7454 from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm daily, or book online with us today!
Reservations required for parties of 6 or more.